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ANEW gets nominated for Dasra Girls Power Awards

Article, March 2015
Source: ANEW gets nominated for prestiguous All India Dasra Girl Power Awards

As reported in Sunday March 22, 2015, issue of Hindustan Times, we are happy to report that one of the charities supported by Surya Chandra Foundation was nominated for Dasra Girl Power Awards. Our hearty congratulations to ANEW Management for this outstanding achievement.

12 New Students at ANEW receive funding

Article, January 2015
Source: http://www.anewindia.org

We are happy to report that we met with Dr. Annalakshmi at ANEW on December 17th, 2014 to discuss priorities for 2015 and our continued support for the Nursing Assistants Training Program. ANEW offers need based training programs in various areas, after a feasibility study involving the number of beneficiaries and the employability rates on completion of the course. The courses are of short duration, considering the economical background of the students, so that they are financially independent as quickly as possible.Underprivileged women who have completed middle school level education, are eligible to train as nursing assistants at ANEW. This course is supplemented with spoken English and Personality Development classes. The trainees are required to attend orientation programs at the Banyan (Home for destitute women), KarnaPrayag (adoption centre), Little sisters of the poor (Home for the aged) and SCARF (Centre for Schizophrenia), as part of their course work. They also undergo practical training at Sundaram Medical Foundation (SMF), Appasamy Hospitals and Bone & Joint clinic in Annanagar for hands on training in speciality care. Basic physio therapy sessions are also provided as part of the course. On completing the 6 months course work, they are certified by the SMF as nursing assistants. Alumni students are provided with refresher courses to update their skills. This course has the widest reach, among women who are the most vulnerable and are at the lowest rung of the social ladder. The trainees are in high demand for their services, as nursing assistants to take care of the patients at home. The average salary of a nursing assistant ranges from Rs.7000 to Rs.9000/month. Since 2013, we have supported this training program by sponsoring 10-12 students each year. For 2015, we are funding 12 deserving young girls from impoverished families.

Sarva Vidya Nursing Students receive scholarships

Article, January 2015

On December 15th, 2014, we met with Sarva Vidya Management to discuss the support for their 2-year Nursing training programs with 31 students in the second year and 38 students in the first year. Sarva Vidya Trust is an educational trust started with an aim to empower and enable girl children to enable the society. They believe that each child successfully educated and enabled with a satisfying job will contribute to the upliftment of their family as well as their society. Thus they work towards imparting job oriented value based education to receive training as Nursing Assistants. Sarva Vidya provides this vocational training by conducting a two year Diploma course for Nursing Assistants. (There are 38 students for the first year and 31 students in the second year program.) We provided scholarships for all 69 girls to partially cover the cost of their education in the sum of Rs.2,250 for each student. Names and pictures of these receipients can be seen in our Gallery. A complete roster of students receiving scholarships can be seen here.

Avvai Home

Article, January 2015

On January 13th, 2015, we met with Avvai Home Management to discuss our potential participation to assist the girls in their newly introduced computer science curriculum. We are awaiting details of the Girls who need sponsorship from us.

University of Iowa, Sociology Dept. Interns at ANEW

Article, September 2014
Source: University of Iowa, Dept. of Sociology Students do internship at ANEW

Some of the students from Department of Sociology, University of Iowa did their internship at ANEW and share their experience in the subject blog. Some of the pictures of these interns engaging in two-way discussion with the ANEW students can be seen in our Gallery. Our thanks to these interns for sharing their experience at ANEW, in Chennai, India.